SANTA ROSA COMIC-CON Comic Book and Fantasy shows  
Moonball Comics Presents:

October 20th, 2019
HYATT REGENCY Sonoma Wine Country
170 Railroad St., Santa Rosa, CA. 95401, CA

Sun. 10:00am TO 5:00pm

Admission is Only $10.00 and sold at the door.

(Children 8yrs and under are Free)

Parking Will Be Only $5 (Show Discount)

Come join the fun and excitement of the Sonoma County's Biggest and Best 1 Day Comic Book, Toy and Fantasy Convention.

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New Places, Familiar faces

Here is a List of the 2019 Vendor.

  • Albert Nguyen Illustrations
  • Alberto Melendez
  • Altered Comix
  • Bat Art Vic
  • Brian & Steve's Comics
  • California Hot Shots
  • Charley & Humphrey
  • Collectors Corner
  • Comic Boards Ink
  • Dan's Comics
  • Dr Hogan Berry
  • Dragon Child
  • East Coast West
  • Gtoys & Collectibles
  • Harvey Doss Comics
  • Jim & Melody Rondeau
  • JL Art
  • John Elliott
  • Jon Athens
  • Jusscope
  • Kaiyo Hobby
  • Kal-Elle
  • Kamikaze Games
  • Mari Sketch
  • Mike's Comics Plus
  • MJ Anime Goods
  • My D Pins
  • Outer Planes Comics
  • PunkStuff
  • Raging Rhino
  • Raven Skull Inc
  • Remember When Toys
  • Reo MC
  • Scranton's Designs
  • Steve Mills
  • Stitchcraft & Wizardry
  • Studio 823
  • The Art Of Gard
  • Will Heppner
  • Wrought Comics
  • Zee Cee Art
  • And A Bunch of CLASSIC Comic Guests!


There are Only 75 Dealers Spaces Available for this show. Each Space Includes 1 (one) 6 foot space and 2 (two) chairs. Each table also includes 3 passes into the show (additional Passes are 3.00 each). Each space is 6 feet wide and 6 feet deep, you can bring extra tables and use the space any way you feel like, but, DO NOT go over your space into your neighbors space, into the isle or block a designated "dealer entrance" on any of the table islands...I will have a measuring tape on hand if we need it. NO Table Cloth Provided


Dealer Spaces are $100.00. We are currently sold out, please feel free to fill in a registration to be put on the wait list.


Corner Spaces are Available and they Include 2 (two) 6 ft. Tables and an 8 x 8 ft. Space. These are Very Limited and are on a 1st come 1st save basis.(It is possible you will get 2 6 ft. tables side by side instead of a corner depending on availability)

Corner Spaces are $170.00.We are currently sold out, please feel free to fill in a registration to be put on the wait list.

*NOTE ON ARTIST TABLES: Artist Tables are for ARTIST/PUBLISHERS who promote their OWN Work! Please understand... If you represent yourself as a creator on Any Other Artist/Writers projects/creations/products, you will be asked to leave WITHOUT a refund, and will NOT be able to attend ANY other shows on our family of shows.

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PLEASE READ BEFORE FILLING OUT CONTRACT; To RESERVE a Table Space, Please fill out the "Exhibitor Contract". After you fill out the form, you will be directed to pay a Min. 50% deposit at sign up. We have always been flexable on letting Exhibitors pay at the show, but, at every show, we have 2-5 exhibitors just not show up. Well, the few have ruined this for the many... All exhibitors will be required to pay a Min. 50% (Non-Refundable) Deposit to reserve a space. Also, there is a 3% charge on all PayPal and CC's for tablesbefore or at the show.


For Dealer Spacific Questions, Please contact SCOTT ARMSTRONG (916)397-0587 or email at: Santa Rosa Comic Con Dealers Liaison

There are over 25 stores in California that will carry the Santa Rosa Comic-con flyer. I have a great list of stores. We will also be in attendance at every major (and small) show from here till then so people will hear about this show. And we use the web A LOT too; Our site has gets over 1000 hits a month when we start our advertising show and we are linked on almost every internet convention lising. We are also open to any suggestions you might have. If you need flyers or travel to other shows please call and they will be sent right out.

Also our FACEBOOK page is a constant updated place to send out new information. We "promote" many of our posts to insure they are read by the fans in the area.


REFUND POLICY: If you contact us 30 days prior to the show, there will be a 75% refund for space rented at the show. 10-29 days prior to the show there will be a 50% refund if you cancel. Anything under 10 day will not be refundable unless we can resale the tables, at which point we will refund 90% of that money. If you put a deposit on a table and can not make it to the show you forfeit your deposit. If you hold a table for a show and then do not show, you are still responsible for full payment for the space reserved (100% of the price). I say this because at every show I have had to turn down dealers and have had other dealers not show, and I am the one who looses out. We will expect payment if you do not show.

GUEST APPEARANCES: We book all guests on a "Good Faith" basis, sometimes life gets in the way, and they cancel. I do not guarantee the appearance of any guest, but I will do everything in my power to get them there. I DO NOT advertise any guest until I have had a definite confirmation from them. In the past (as with all shows) there have been guest not show up, and I usually try to compensate with additional, unscheduled guests, but, I don't always have the luxury time to get other guests. For the most part, we are batting almost 100% as far as guest's are concerned, lets hope to keep this up.

ACTS OF GOD! By renting a space and signing the dealers contract, you accept that East Bay Comic-con or any one employed or associated with them can NOT be held responsible for any Damage or Theft at, on after or before the show. Also can NOT be responsible for weather, fire, flood or any act of God, or the City of Concord or the State of California emergency that may close the convention down. Upon this happening, refunds will be equal to, but no more than any and all monies returned to East Bay Comic-Con for such an event. Also, any dealer who causes the closer of the show due to recklessness or miss use of facility and local or state law will be held responsible for refunds to all other dealers. This is a minor clause that will make no sense, but has to be in there, sorry.

OTHER: If you have any suggestions, complaints, complements or need information on things like sellers permits or...whatever. Please feel free to call me at (661) 829-2962, I travel a lot and sometimes it takes 1-3 days to return a call, or e-mail me at info@eastbaycomiccon, I answer that a lot easier. I will do my best to help you with anything you need.

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